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DAO.Casino Platform Report – Building the Gambling 3.0 industry

The gambling industries decentralized uprising in recent years has become a more common occurrence.

DAO.Casino is a decentralized gambling platform. The benefits of using such a decentralized network are the onboarding of transparent gambling, unlike its centralized counterparts. DAO Casino recently released TestNet 1.0. A pre-release leading up to the official public release.

The testnet is part of their plan to further improve the platform, create publicity and onboard game developers to its platform who have the ability to create their own gambling games.

The unique incentive to develop on DAO Casino is the revenue developers may earn from the profits of the game. The public test environment allows developers and users who have been invited to the testnet to test waters and spread the word about the platform and its decentralized solution for gambling on the blockchain.

Launch of DAO.Casino TestNet 1.0

The development and progress thus far is open source and documented part of their commitment towards building a transparent environment. The testnet provides the opportunity for investors, developers and community members to experience DAO.Casino’s concept first-hand, aiming to achieve a new system for gambling.

The TestNet 1.0 is open for anyone within the system to become a beta-tester. The source code and setup instructions are available through an open-source repository, enabling access to a full set of available features.

TestNet Features

DAO.Casino TestNet 1.0  utilises the RANDPA algorithm, with improved finality. Further details about the RANDPA algorithm is documented. RANDPA is cited to be a “revolutionary consensus algorithm” capable of confirming transactions within seconds.

An essential tool for large volume users to play multiple games on the platform without issues. Many blockchain-based gambling systems must have a custom algorithm as the project must be suitable for use from a large amount of audience and scalable to volatile changes. To observe RANDPA in action, users can check the LIB (last irreversible block) ID via the DAO.Casino block explorer.

The Block Explorer, another available TestNet 1.0 feature, provides access to token and transaction details and histories for the full user experience. Moreover, the release of the test token faucet (accessible via telegram bot) will enable the provision of test tokens for users to run smart contracts on the blockchain. Developers are urged to take part and create useful games for the growing user base as it both provides an incentive to earn revenue on a next-generation platform for gambling-based applications.

Check their public available repository for system instructions and setup of the TestNet 1.0.

Future plans

The team is aiming for the release of TestNet 2.0 to include governance capabilities (voting, staking, etc) as part of the introduction into a DPOS systems. A feature not a bug of decentralised projcets is its lack of governance, though fortunately it is still possible for the development and release of governance systems into the ecosystem. Projects, especially those in the gambling sector must have governance powers to complete its planned ecosystem.

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Disclaimer: The report has been written with an aim to stay objective.

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