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Ethereum Link – Linking Ethereum Globally

Pushing Ethereum to new limits, Introducing Ethereum Link

Ethereum Link is quite a promising coin at the moment. The ICO is open as of today, and they’ve raised over half a million so far. Let’s see what all this noise is about, shall we?



So what is Ethereum Link?

Well, Ethereum Link is based on the Ethereum Platform, Ethereum LINK aims to connect traditional stock markets and businesses to Ethereum, thus opening up many opportunities to trade stocks, bonds, and precious metals through the Ethereum LINK platform.

Speaking about precious metals, 36% of LINK’s value is derived by LINK’s Silver Token which consists of Fine 0.999 Physical Silver, thus, in turn, reduces the tokens volatility, and gives new or experienced traders a lower-risked investment, where the Risk vs Reward is lower than Bitcoin per say, and a steady price increase over time is expected.

“36% of LINK’s value is derived by LINK’s Silver Token which consists of Fine 0.999 Physical Silver” – Eth LINK


More about the LINK’s Silver Token

LNKSilver will be LINK’s token that will run on Ethereum as a standard ERC20 token as per Ethereum token standards. Each LINK Silver token will have an equivalent value of 1g 0.999 Fine Silver, and trading the LINK silver token will charge a 0.19% cut which is sent to normal LINK token holders as profit, and speaking of which, since Ether- LINK is built on-top of Ethereum, transactions can be traced on any Ethereum-based block chain explorer.

Ethereum Link also comes with native Ethereum tools such as Smart contracts, etc, simply because Ethereum Link is built on-top of the Ether Block-chain, this has multiple advantages as Ethereum is such a powerful coin that is under continuous development which therefore means anything that comes new with each Ethereum update is also candy-coated for Ethereum LINK. Here’s a quick example of what we mean:

Let’s say, Ethereum introduces private, untraceable transactions (example only), since ETH LINK is built on the Ethereum network, then Ethereum LINK can easily push for this and add it.


Aiming For Mainstream Usage

As part of Ethereum Link’s main goal to reach out to businesses and trade markets, it’ll launch a ‘Linking Desk’ Service as it’s first prioritised road map goal. They’ll also approach individual people and small – medium sized companies that want better security, fund management, and productivity, to integrate ETH LINK’s block chain into their system, thus spreading and building on ETH LINK’s real-world solutions.

If Ethereum Link successfully manages to gain traction with businesses in the main-stream world, then it’ll mean nothing but success for both investors, early backers, and the project itself.

How Ethereum Link Works
How ETH LINK Works

ICO Specifications & Important Details

Here are some important dotted points about Ethereum Link’s ICO and in general important things to know for both us investors and enthusiasts.

  • Limited Supply: Ethereum Link will be rare, with a maximum supply of 60,000 LNK to ever exist, comparing to Bitcoin’s total supply of 21,000,000
  • Amount Distributed in ICO : The ETH Link ICO is set to sell 55,000 LINK, which, mathematically speaking is 0.916% of the total supply, thus the token will be heavily distributed within the economy.
  • 3,600 LINK is reserved for ETH LINK’s Team, which is acceptable as going mainstream and connecting with clients is going to cost them.
  • 900 LINK reserved for Bounty Hunters, click here to read more about participating in LINK’s bounty program.
  • 500 LINK reserved for contest and giveaways, pretty self-explanatory.
  • It’s also good to know that LINK’s price within the ICO is 1 ETH = 3 LINK
Ethereum Link Roadmap
ETH Link’s roadmap
So should you invest in LINK?

Well, LINK does look pretty good, as it is, if this coin does go mainstream, then boy will it do wonders! Until next time, Bitsify, signing out.

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