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iDice – Ethereum Gambling Done Conveniently

The need for Ethereum gambling is expanding and iDice has the solution!

iDice is basically a decentralised Ethereum gambling platform targeting mobile app users. It’s already got an MVP running at

The growth potential of gambling as a whole is rising exponentially with 51.7% of the internet is now being browsed by smartphones alone.

As the gambling industry continues to grow, so does the demand for gambling on the blockchain, Bitcoin is currently leading the crypto gambling community at a $40b market cap, but Ethereum isn’t far behind.

That’s why we need iDice

How iDice Works

iDice wants to be the #1 Ethereum-based gambling platform, and it can be as its features are far more superior than PrimeDice as an example.

iDice Features:

  • Designed to be used on any device, whether it be desktops, laptops, mobiles, or iPads, iDice has built an all-in-one solution for Etheruem gambling.


Mockup Front-End of The iDice Application


  • Provably Fair based betting ensures bets aren’t rigged, thus solving the issue of scams and sites that are programmed to never let you win.
  • No centralised point of failure meaning iDice will be up 24/7 as long as the world is still breathing, (iDice is even immune to DDoS attacks because of decentralisation) and also means your funds are never held in a central point.Thus virtually excluding the chances of getting hacked and your coins being stolen. This also means iDice is ‘auditable’, ‘transparent’, and bets are ‘verifiable’.
  • Automated bets ensures efficiency within the blockchain

iDice is proving to be extremely popular

iDice’s MVP product has already had over $200,000 in bets, and is aiming to become a ‘giant in the Ethereum gaming industry’.

iDice has a fully transparent source code available at iDice does not require deposits
nor sign ups. The payout of games is always immediate.

What’s the point of an iDice token?

This is what makes iDice special, iDice has 5,000,000 tokens, and what these tokens allow you to do is collectively gain 100% of profits made by iDice proportional to a number of tokens you hold. iDice tokens are ERC20 standard tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain and are primarily only used for the above point. The development share 500,000 iDice tokens.

ICO Power Hour:

With only 5,000,000 iDice tokens to ever exist and such a strong demand for a healthy project with already $200,000 worth of bets made on their MVP, iDice’s ICO won’t last long.

In the first hour, 1 ETH=200 iDice tokens, reducing to 1 ETH=170 for the first 7 days, then 1 ETH=130 for the last 7 days. Here’s a link to the ICO.

ICO Run Time

The ICO will run from June 16th, 2017, to June 30th, 2017.

Fund Reserves

35% of Ether raised in the ICO will be smartly used as the bankroll to pay winning bets, with 100% of the profits going to token holders.

The next 30% will be reserved as the development fund for iDice to cover the costs of iDice’s team and other expenses such as roadmap completion, and new game features/types such as Russian roulette, coin flip and other gambling minigames.

20% of Ether will be used strictly for developing the world’s first mobile based blockchain gambling app, available for both Android and iOS.

The remaining 15% will be used for promotional and marketing endeavours to help get iDice ‘out there’ and boost its user base.

Limited Supply + Real world product = Huge potential profit

With iDice’s user base directly correlating to profits made to iDice token holders, iDice’s success as a whole is based on its mainstream usage. If iDice manages to pull off its goal, investors will reap rewards.

The iDice Team

iDice is pushing to become the ‘giant’ in the Ethereum gambling space, and for that, the team has to live up to scratch, and thankfully they are.

Each team members identity is transparent to see on their whitepaper, which helps stop the risk of scamming, also the members have past work in the gambling field which enlightens investors to know the team have background information on what they’re doing with such a promising project.

The iDice Team


Development Roadmap

iDice has split its roadmap into 6 main sections;

  • Key Infrastructure Development; this is essentially the ‘skeleton’ of the iDice platform, the team is aiming to complete and polish the platform’s code before proceeding, this is obviously essential as a hack can be very bad for iDice’s reputation.
  • Blockchain Optimisation; iDice aims to polish its tx speed and improve the overall experience of its users, this is a great idea considering they’ve polished the background development.
  • Beta Testing Continues; After iDice has completed its previous goals, it’ll proceed to beta test its platform to improve the security and reliability of the product, essential in achieving the success iDice plans to achieve (becoming the #1 in the Etheruem gambling space)
  • Brand Development; once iDice is happy with its product, marketing and brand development will follow, in aims to further spread the word about iDice and its platform to the gambling space as a whole.
  • Mobile Development; A mobile-based application will correlate to more time spent on the platform considering that mobile phones own over 50% of the overall market share.
  • To Be Decided; Future roadmap updates should pursue after iDice has completed the above goals.
    iDice’s Development Roadmap

iDice Market Niche

iDice’s strong point is to gain a hold of the gambling mobile app market which should put iDice ahead of the game once the ‘big players’ flock into the field. iDice is estimating that by the time the big players roll in, they’ll be much ahead of the game, with a fully functional product filled with many gambling games.

Open Source Project

Anyone can use the iDice platform and create their own gaming Dapp, utilising the iDice brand. This means players can relax knowing their games aren’t rigged and the code is fully verifiable as ‘safe’; not rigged to only benefit the iDice platform.

The Final Verdict.

iDice is a no brainer to invest in, if iDice is able to hit its niche market then the sky is truly the only limit iDice must face!


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