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Invacio Part 3 – A Security Focused Service

Standard ICO Report Structure:

  • Part 1: ICO Analysis (What is it about? What is the ICO intending to do? Describes what the platform is.)
  • Part 3: Useful Links (Further Research)

Part 1: ICO Analysis

Invacio believes that the intermarrying of blockchain and A.I. technology is a match-make in heaven. This is the last article of the Invacio series.

A commitment to security

If there was a running theme to Invacio after reading through the site, whitepaper, and looking at the general philosophy of the team, it will be security. One may look into specifics, like Invacio’s Security division or other general products like Invmail and Tamius; security is always the focus.

Security software engineers are said to approach problems and designs in an entirely different way than… software engineers. They are a different breed altogether when seen by their peers, and they must be.

Robust security can never be implemented after a product has been fundamentally designed. It has to be done in the building blocks – right from the get go.

In a world devoid of privacy, where metadata is analyzed by big corporations (who have been alleged to be in league with the NSA), this commitment to security and privacy is an important statement.

Invacio backs this commitment with technical grounding. For example, in Invmail, they are using Zero-Knowledge (a cryptographic concept and encryption method). Simply put, this enables information to be verified without disclosing the actual content. Even metadata is not exposed in Invmail, and perhaps this is what Julian Assange has been waiting for.

Equity offered to ICO investors

ICOs have presented a rare opportunity for investors of the Mom-and-Pop genre. However, this is a double-edged sword as cryptocurrency, after all, is the Wild Wild West of investing. Most would even say that it is more comparable to gambling.

One problem investors face after an ICO would be that the team no longer has any legal responsibility toward investors and are not responsible for any loss of token value. They simply are not answerable to investor concerns.

How many times has a team been ultra-responsive in their social media channels throughout an ICO, but then retreated to almost pin-drop silence after? ICO teams that choose to be answerable do so out of choice.

Invacio goes one step further: they will actually offer stock options to ICO investors. Founder and CEO William James Dalrymple West has opted to give ICO investors a portion of his own stocks. 3% of the company will be owned by ICO investors.

Revenue and operating costs projection

Invacio has given some consideration to how much revenue it could potentially rake it annually. Thus far, it has 3 projections that are $23 million (conservative), $78 million (mid-range), $133 million (optimistic).

With various levels of revenue, Invacio has also managed to extrapolate operating costs.


Invacio’s roadmap is based on a slew of products that are finished partially or nearing completion. The whitepaper offers a glimpse of how much of Invacio’s products are at about 50-70% completion. The deadline for completion of the whole set, however, is set to Q1 2019.

This is a rather ambitious projection given the scale of executing reliable blockchain products in backed by A.I., big data, and secure banking.

Part 2: Crowdsale Analysis – Details & Token Supply

Total​ ​token​ ​supply: 450,000,000

Token​ ​Type: INV

Token Price: 1 INV = $1

Token​ ​Distribution:  N/A

Crowdfunding​ ​Usage:

  • 40% Research and Development
  • 23% Operations
  • 23% Infrastructure and setup costs
  • 14% Marketing

Team​ ​Overview​ ​-​ ​Members​ ​&​ ​Advisors 

  • WILLIAM J D WEST, Founder & CEO
  • MICHAEL J AUMOCK, Special Projects & Government & UN Liaison Officer
  • A FRANCIS, Government Liaison Africa Region
  • OWAIS IQBAL, Government Liaison Pakistan
  • OMAIR IQBAL, Government Liaison Pakistan
  • PATRICIA DE LA MOTA, Operations & Marketing Lead
  • LINLEEYA WEST, Project Manager
  • ARVIND PATEL, Front End Stack Coordinator
  • ASHVIN M, Backend Stack Coordinator
  • MADHAV VADGAMA, Statistician
  • ANAND VEMULA, Blockchain Tech & Dev
  • SCOTT SOUTTER, AI Specialist
  • JAMES SMITH, Security Specialist
  • PETER NGUYEN, Backend Systems Developer
  • NATHAN L. SMITH, Hedge Fund Advisor
  • RICHARD COHEN, Hedge Fund Advisor
  • DAVID LESPERANCE, Legal Structure & Tax Specialist
  • ASIF MAJID, Corporate Image and Scaling
  • YULIA KORCHAGINA, Russian & East Europe Media Relations
  • JEN BUAKAEW, Thailand & SE Asia Media Relations
  • LISA CHAU, US & North American media Relations

Part 3: Useful Links (Further Research)








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