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Mysterium Network – First Ever Decentralized VPN Solution

A Fight For Our Privacy: Mysterium’s Trustless VPN service is aiming to accomplish something that’s never been done before, and it’s lookin’ good!

It’s undoubtably obvious that our privacy is being spied upon, (not to mention the censorship issues we have to deal with) by government agencies, private trackers, advertising companies, hackers, and what-not, and so many people are beginning to use VPN’s to protect our data, but again, who can we trust now-a-days?

We don’t really know what our VPS providers are doing ‘behind closed doors’ with our data, and I’m sure if the C.I.A comes knocking on their doors for some information they’ll spew it out in a whizz.

So, what’s the problem with current VPN providers; their ‘centralised’ (run by a central company), and at the end of the day they have your data whether you like it or not.

The solution is Mysterium

Mysterium’s goal is to build a decentralised VPN provider, where everyone can run a node and get paid in MYST tokens in exchange for their work, and, of course, everyone can also connect to the Mysterium Network to tunnel through nodes, knowing their data will be obfuscated essentially creating a trustless system, peer-to-peer based VPN network.

“Our mission is to create ubiquitous technology – providing privacy to all Internet users.” – Mysterium Network

It’s my data now! Why We Need More Innovations Like Mysterium

It’s quite disappointing that it’s come to such a point that if we don’t take counter-measures to protect our privacy with whatever we do, they’ll see it, whoever it may be peering over our shoulder, they’ll see more than we allow, it’s an invasion of privacy to say the least.

“ISP’s are now able to track every aspect of your internet presence and sell it to whomever wishes to buy your private data.”

Evidently enough U.S agencies are openly getting more and more interested in our ever-expanding digital lives, and are trying to enforce the legality of our information to be collected and sold to whoever for whatever purpose they want. That’s just outright disgusting.

Further more, cyber threats, corporate scares, malicious hacks, and ransomware attacks are everly increasing as we spend more time ‘online’.

Don’t you remember WannaCry, a recent ransomware attack that took advantage of an exploit leaked by The ShadowBrokers from the NSA, well if you dont know, the NSA has an ever expanding list of confidential ‘tools’ exploiting over devices to gather whatever they want, whenever they want. Breach of privacy much?

These are all everyday problems that surround us and startups like Mysterium are fighting to change that one revolutionary breakthrough at a time.

Technical Specifications

Mysterium is based on Ethereum, open sourced and aims to achieve a worldwide decentralized VPN node service.

Mysterium Token & The Marketplace

The $MYST token will be used to purchase data from Mysterium Nodes through the Mysterium Marketplace, which, thus is an incentive to those running a Mysterium node by selling off unused network traffic.

It is also good to note that people running Mysterium nodes can’t access your data as it’s obfuscated unlike Tor where you have no other option but to trust that an exit node won’t peer over your data.

Fair Affordable Pricing Solutions

Since Mysterium will be P2P based (no single point of failure) node pricing will be constantly​ competitive, thus setting it apart from current centralised VPN providers, which can name any price they want.

The Mysterium Team & Roadmap

It’s great to see that Mysterium has an open, and experienced team working on such a wonderful and innovative project, so far the team has stuck to it’s roadmap and progress is beyond amazing, they’ve already released an MVP product and public node testing has begun.

Mysterium’s Timeline

The Final Verdict – What We Think About Mysterium

Mysterium is really trying to do something that’s never been done in the crypto space before, it does seem quite promising thus far. A great open team, organised roadmap, a strong devoted community, and a real world use case.

Considering you made it this far I’m assuming your interested in the project, if so, click here to learn much much more about Mysterium than we can cover in a blog post.

Mysterium’s ICO is starting soon and well, we just can’t wait! Good luck MYST! Make the internet a better place 🙂

Useful Quick Links:

Mysterium Whitepaper

Mysterium MVP Product

Bitcointalk ANN Link

Mysterium’s Explainer Video



Tad Chef

Sounds really great. It’s quite difficult to reach the site on my slow connection though.

I’ve been using P2P ever since Napster back in the days.

I hope Mysterium will become very popular! Keep us updated.

Bitsify Team

P2P will never get old, and it’s awesome to see that startups like Mysterium are seeing this as well. We’re all wishing for the best with Mysterium, hope it gets far!

Tad Chef

Yeah, p2p can get used for more than file sharing! There’s also the etc.!

BTW.: Which conventional VPN do you recommend as of now or until Mysterium gets traction?

Bitsify Team

Oh nice, the freenetproject looks cool! I’m real interested in current innovations and IPFS technology, speaking about that have you heard of The Novusphere? it’s basically taking IPFS to the next level.

As of now I would recommend TunnelBear or Betternet for free VPN services and HideMyAss for a paid service, of course until Mysterium goes live

Tad Chef

Novusphere is way below me level of geekiness it seems. I didn’t even know what IFPS is. Seems like a grand idea as well.

I’m still struggling to find a proper VPN so I appreciate your advice, Tunnelbear and Betternet seem to be very slow according to

HideMyAss looks legit. I was using it as proxy back in the days. Now I’m occasionally using CyberGhost because it was the first one I came across basically.

Tad Chef

LOL. Of course I meant “way [above my] level of geekiness”.

I was apparently so confused by all the novelty that I mixed up words and meaning.

Bitsify Team

haha it’s cool dude! The more you spend in this crypto space the deeper you delve into crypto ‘geekiness’, but hey it’s an awesome developing realm, can’t wait to see how much further crypto’s will change the world and of course the gov’s monetary systems

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