XinFin ICO Report – Hybrid Blockchain Protocol

XinFin is a short form of “Exchange Infinite” and is a hybrid technology, as it combines the private networks with the public blockchain to create a platform for seamless service.

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StealthCrypto ICO Report – Decentralized Infrastructures

StealthCrypto is a blockchain technology-based communications platform, and the development team intends to create the largest incentivized, decentralized, quantum mesh, self-sustainable network.

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Persona ICO Report – Zero Knowledge Identity Blockchain

Persona is a blockchain-based identity management solution that functions with the most updated regulations that deal with the protection of data.

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Hack Fund ICO Report – Liquid Venture Fund

Hack fund is a blockchain technology-based platform that allows users get access to liquid funds.

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Peer Mountain ICO Report – Decentralized Trust Program

The Peer Mountain system functions in such a way that cryptographic protocols are used to facilitate the creation and ownership of trusted data including proof of activity, digital identity, and trust relationships.

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EOZ ICO Report – Artificial Neural Network

This is a decent blockchain-based cryptocurrency and financial system whose aim it is to create an avenue where lending can take place on a global scale within the EOZ marketplace.

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Truegame ICO Report – Smart Contract IGaming Platform

Truegame has been able to solve many problems facing users of betting/gambling platforms including the player’s confidence and trust in the casino and game organizers.

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Pindify ICO Report – Music Market Platform

Pindify is a blockchain-based online platform for art, media and music providers.

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Provoco ICO Report – Social Challenge Network

This is a blockchain powered social challenge network; Provoco was created based on the fact that people love challenges, and more people love challenges that have prizes attached to them. With the network, every user has the ability to create challenges and also take part in the challenges.

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CryptalDash ICO Report – Worlds First Multi-Access Crypto Exchange

The CryptalDash platform comes with an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate and transact effortlessly.

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