ZeroBank ICO Report – Money transfer and exchange system

ZeroBank tokens – in its first phase – will be shared to crowdfunders. As soon as the system becomes operational, these funders can become agents.

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Toss.Pro ICO Report – Disrupting a $60 billion betting industry

The aim of Proof of Toss is to establish an ecosystem of smart betting that is fully functional. This ecosystem will use smart contracts to ensure reliability and impregnable trust.

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Buddy Token ICO Report – Decentralized Development Automation Platform

The Buddy Token team wants to expand blockchain technology into the world of development, where many of the core supporters of blockchain already exist. The Buddy platform will implement an application development tool which operates on autopilot.

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Tkeycoin ICO Report – DAO Blockchain Platform

Tkeycoin DAO comprises of processes that will go a long way in achieving a large range of solutions that people can use to manage their business and social lives.

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Layer Protocol ICO Report – Decentralised Reputation Protocol

The platform will operate with use of the LRX token to provide a scalable computation of the reputation scores. The token will enable users to be rewarded for their activity on platform. Further, the team will also implement master nodes to help drive community governance.

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Papusha ICO Report – Rocket and Space Technology Producer

The Papusha team plans to capitalize upon the exciting technology with the world’s first rocket technology initial coin offering.

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IAME ICO Report – Transaction Identification Network

IAME is a transaction identification network that was created to tackle the problems of identification for KYC using the blockchain.

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BGX ICO Report – Powerful Decentralised Processing Platform

BGX is an ethereum blockchain based system, and regardless of the on-chain/off-chain features of the blockchain.

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Uncloak ICO Report – Cyber Threat Detection powered by Cyber Security Experts

The Uncloak platform will function using the UNC tokens which will be used to make payments on the network.

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Spiking ICO_report

Spiking ICO Report – Power of 1,000 Whales In Your Wallet

The Spiking platform plans to solve a number of problems within the nascent cryptocurrency marketplace. First, it will help connect average users with large wallet players, as aforementioned referred to as whales. These connections will take place in a completely transparent environment, which will be powered by blockchain technology.

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