Arround ICO report

Arround ICO Report – Decentralized Advertising Solution

Arround will develop a native token for use on their augmented reality platform. The token will provide a vital role in fulfilling their business model while creating incentives for consumers to utilize the platform. The ARR token will enable brands to purchase data, advertisements, and insights about their customers.

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Metadium ICO Report – Next Generation Identity Standard

Metadium wants to implement a protocol in which the users of the platform benefit as well.

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GGRocket ICO Report – Data based gaming economy

GGRocket will implement a blockchain based platform to target the major components of the gaming industry. First, the team wants to ease the troubles the gaming industry currently faces such as ineffective marketing practices.

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Black Insure ICO Report – Blockchain-based Insurance Company

Black Insure wants to revolutionize the $4 trillion dollar insurance industry with the development of the Black Platform. The platform will appeal to both insurance brokers and investors, as well as those seeking to purchase insurance for their business, house, or car.

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Trecento ICO Report Bitsify

Trecento ICO Report – Blockchain Investment Solution

The Trecento team plans to build on top of this trend with the advent of their all-in-one blockchain investment solution. With this, the team has been well equipped with some of the brightest minds in technology and investment businesses to position Trecento to be well equipped for their investment future.

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Tiberius Coin ICO Report

Tiberius ICO Report – Tapping into the Tech Metals Market

Tiberius Coin lists a variety of benefits about their token. First, the platform of Tiberius Coin will be secured through the implementation of blockchain technology.

Furthermore, on the note of blockchain technology, the platform will implement smart contracts to operate the Tiberius Coin as digital cash.

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iTrue ICO Report

iTrue ICO Report – Biometric Identity for Decentralized Web

The iTrue team plans to develop an accurate identity to be used on the decentralized web. With this, the team hopes to give users control of their data, instead of having it stored with large technology corporations.

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Dispatch Labs ICO Report

Dispatch Labs ICO Report – DLT platform for Dapp developers

Dispatch Labs plans to develop a solution for Dapps which will be fully compliant with existing digital regulations around the world.

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ElonCity ICO Report

ElonCity ICO Report – Power the World for FREE

ElonCity has put together an impressive list of five features which they believe will be powerful incentives for users to join their power grid network.

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Tachain ICO Report – Future of Travelling & Advertising

Tachain plans to disrupt two heavily altered industries with their advertising platform. The Tachain will capitalize upon the powerful application of blockchain technology to allow advertisements a platform with wider opportunities than before through the reach direct to Tachain application users.

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