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Noku ICO Report – The Custom Blockchain Platform

Noku is planning to deploy an exciting application which will assist others seeking to capitalize upon a legitimate initial coin offering. Through this, the team has developed a launchpad for companies to have an all-in-one solution for their future ICO. The project website refers to this launchpad as a TokenRaise and has deemed it one of the most inclusive ways to launch an initial coin offering.

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CuresToken ICO Report – Receive the CARE that you deserve

The CuresToken plans to fix the healthcare system with the power of technology.  To do this, the Cures platform aims to become a global, decentralized, and healthcare-focused ecosystem. The team plans to fix core problems within the healthcare market including the lack of affordable medical care, a flawed and old-school record keeping, inefficient medical insurance and even widespread fraud.

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Terra Money ICO Report – Powering the Innovation of Money

Terra plans to implement a two token solution to help stabilize the Terra assets. This will include Luna and Terra tokens. The Luna will represent mining power within the network and help stabilize the Terra to be pegged to a standard asset. These two assets will work together through a complicated algorithm described in their white paper. The system will operate with a proof-of-stake model to incentivize users to hold their Terra rather than constantly spending it.

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