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DAO.Casino Platform Report – Building the Gambling 3.0 industry

The gambling industries decentralized uprising in recent years has become a more common occurrence. DAO.Casino is a decentralized gambling platform. The benefits of using such a decentralized network are the onboarding of transparent gambling, unlike its centralized counterparts. DAO Casino recently released TestNet 1.0. A pre-release leading up to the official public release. The testnet …

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Noku ICO Report – The Custom Blockchain Platform

Noku is planning to deploy an exciting application which will assist others seeking to capitalize upon a legitimate initial coin offering. Through this, the team has developed a launchpad for companies to have an all-in-one solution for their future ICO. The project website refers to this launchpad as a TokenRaise and has deemed it one of the most inclusive ways to launch an initial coin offering.

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CuresToken ICO Report – Receive the CARE that you deserve

The CuresToken plans to fix the healthcare system with the power of technology.  To do this, the Cures platform aims to become a global, decentralized, and healthcare-focused ecosystem. The team plans to fix core problems within the healthcare market including the lack of affordable medical care, a flawed and old-school record keeping, inefficient medical insurance and even widespread fraud.

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