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district0x – Paving a new path into a decentralized network of districts

The creation of Etheruem was amazing, it’s a great cryptocurrency, but it’s missing a few essential things, decentralized communities and markets are one such, and that’s what district0x intends to solve! Put simply, what is district0x? district0x is a protocol that allows anyone to create a ‘district’, which can be anything from a market where …

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Wagerr – Betting Industries Meets Decentralization

What happens when you bring an ever expanding industry to the blockchain? Decentralized awesomeness of course! Wagerr, as the name suggests, is pushing to bring the betting industry into the decentralized realm. So, hey-ho, lets go! The Sports Betting Blockchain ICO is almost here! #btc #crowdfund #blockchain — wagerr (@wagerrx) May 26, 2017 The …

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Mysterium Network – First Ever Decentralized VPN Solution

A Fight For Our Privacy: Mysterium’s Trustless VPN service is aiming to accomplish something that’s never been done before, and it’s lookin’ good! It’s undoubtably obvious that our privacy is being spied upon, (not to mention the censorship issues we have to deal with) by government agencies, private trackers, advertising companies, hackers, and what-not, and …

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