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Soma – Part 2: Unique idea in the ICO market and its future prospects

Welcome to Part 2 of the Soma Blog Post series, where we will take you through a journey teaching you all about Soma and what makes it special.

In my years that I have worked in the cryptocurrency environment I have seen countless ICOs come and go. Some have been extraordinarily unique and present revolutionary solutions to practical issues we face today, while on the contrast I have seen some that are just not viable or copy another platforms idea.

This blog is going to be about where Soma lies on this spectrum, does it display a practical solution to a problem we face or is it imitating other social Marketplaces that have already been conceived for multiple years and enhanced to their potential.

This blog will also cover the future prospects of Soma and what it hopes to achieve.

Before you read this blog I would recommend that you read the others here so that you are acquainted with Soma and its concept.

The Future Prospects Of Soma

Soma  itself has a vision, it opes to modernize and revolutionize the commerce markets that we bisit today.

It offers a variety of features such as a sharing economy, second-hand commerce, social platforms. Generally, consumers would have to employ different systems for each feature.

Soma utilizes all of these different features in one simple and fast platform that can be accessed with ease. This means that users can access these features through a singular system which is Soma.

This means that users can access these features through a singular system which is Soma.

Hopefully, the adoption of Soma will be wide spread and in a couple of years it will become a mainstream marketplace for many people.

Soma And Its Difference From Other Similar Platforms


Well-Established Platforms Akin To Soma

There are decentralised Market places such as OpenBazzar that have been established. These are all already available for commercial use. Open Bazaar relies on a P2P system.

There are already other market places and sites as well such as Ebay, airBnB, gumtree that are well-established, endorsed by many companies and also have a large customer base.

And of course there is FaceBook which is what a majority of buyers and sellers use to communicate

Soma’s Unique Aspect

So what does Soma have that can make it perforate in these established industries? Well one can say many different things about Soma that is unprecedented but I will tell you what I see in Soma that I think will be the reason it will settle into a major void in our society.

It isn’t what Soma doesn’t share with the other platforms, but it is what it shares. Soma simply has everything.

It incorporates a social platform, a C2C marketplace, a sharing economy all into one accessible package.

Users will not have to access multiple sites to complete their commerce but only access Soma.

This blog is a part of the Soma Blog Series, by Bitsify. After reading this blog consider checking out the other ones we have written here.

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