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Flixxo – Decentralised Social Sharing Platform ICO Review

Current centralised networks are built upon a key mechanism, a liking mechanism, given by users of that network towards a given photo or video that interests them enough to give that video a like in respect towards the curators good effort. Flixxo describes the biggest flaw within the liking mechanism is its actual nature, where …

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HydroMiner- Decentralised Blockchain Auctions ICO Review

Unlike current cryptocurrency mining companies that push hardware to its heated limits, and using electrical power from undisclosed areas to prevent competition, HydroMiner is leveraging a new type of crypto mining. HydroMiner aims to use ‘green’ energy, electricity pulled from hydropower plants in the Alpines of Europe. Current crypto solutions aren’t as effective in comparison …

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Sharpe Capital – Decentralised Financial Markets Protocol

Sharpe Capital aims to create both a financial markets protocol and an investment platform using decentralised AI-computing and the blockchain. Sharpe Capital In A Nutshell “[The Sharpe Protocol will allow its users to] Earn Ether in exchange for [their] opinion about global equity markets. Backed by our proprietary investment fund, rewards are paid to SHP holders …

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