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About Us – Our Services


 Bitsify is a curated and maintained platform for ICOs. We curate and maintain a variety of ICO services. Serving updated and maintained ICO Reports, List/Calendars, and ICO Stats.

Our Services

ICO Calendar & Listing Service

ICO Reports reviewing an ICO in detail

ICO Stats displaying a curated list of crowdfunding statistics for each calendar year

ICO Services to help promote an ICO. Media kit available here.

Twitter account with a stream of the latest ICO News

Newsletter plan updating subscribers weekly on new and interesting ICOs



Telegram @superwoot


Grace Whatts

Crypto Enthusiast - Lives in Australia - Interested in the crypto space since 2014 - Multiple Project Manager - Owner of many successful startups

Isaac Henry

Introduced into the crypto space through a work colleague - Loves coding & working on UI projects -

John Lova

Crypto Enthusiast since 2015 - Loves writing, reading and working on new startups - GitHub Enthusiast

Paul Dylan @ Wechsler

Crypto maniac - originally from Borneo - blue chip tech background - business enthusiast - altcoin believer