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BrickBlock ICO Report - The Revolutionary Way of Stock Trading

Brickblock is creating an infrastructure platform for investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), real estate funds (REFs), passive coin-traded funds (CTFs) and active coin managed funds (CMFs) in hope of connecting cryptocurrencies with real world assets.

Introduction to Brickblock

Currently crypto-currency is one of the most unstable economies. Brickblock introduces the first platform where users can invest in real world assets with a quick process offering lower costs than normal investing. Users get a “proof-of-asset”(PoA) token that has its own denomination after each investment. Brickblock’s infrastructure will be used as a decentralised application (Dapp) and run on the Ethereum network.

About BrickBlock

On January 2012 Jakob Drzazaga and Martin Mischke meet at the bitcoin Stammtisch in Berlin and express their ideas to one another. After 4 years of separate planning they finally decide to start a project, which is now formally called BrickBlock.


The only way to complete a transaction on the platform is to have Brickblock Tokens. These tokens are only exchangeable for ETH and Bitcoin during the contribution period, granting you mining rights to produce access tokens. Access tokens are required for the brokers and fund managers to list their funds onto the platform to pay for fees which are determined by the market where REFs, ETFs, CMFs or CTFs are sold. The amount of the access tokens will vary based on the supply and demand on the platform.

POA Tokens

Proof-of-Asset tokens represent real world assets. The CMFs and CTFs represent coin funds on a trading account or in the users wallets. Users will get a PoA token for every fund they invest in which is legally claimed on the assets.

Brickblock Contribution Period

There will be a total of 500.000.000 Brickblock Tokens (BBT)

51% will be distributed in the two phases
35% will be in the company’s custody for the next three years
14% will be distributed to the Brickblock group

The contribution period begins on August 2nd, 2017 and is divided in two phases. For the first phase each day the number of BBT will be reduced by 25 per ETH. The second phase will go on for 4 weeks starting either late September or early October and will also reduce 25 BBT per ETH.

1st phase

August 2nd: 1 ETH= 1000 Brickblock Token

- August 3rd: 1 ETH= 975 Brickblock Tokens

2nd phase

- 1st week — 800 Tokens per 1 ETH
- 2nd week — 775 Tokens per 1 ETH

And so on

The gap between the first and second phase is for Brickblock to prepare resources needed.

The BrickBlock ICO will accept contributions in then form  a of ETH, BTC, and LTC in exchange for BBT.  Also if exchange rates decrease or increase dramatically the BBT will be adjusted before the first and second phases but changes will not happen if a phase has already begun.

Conclusion -

Our future may heavily rely on Brickblocks investment platform to easily transfer crypto-currency into the real world, investors will pay lower fees, have more options to dodge a financial loss and present less risks for the digital economy. So it’s time for the old economy to settle down and let aspiring blockchain technology to take over and make it even more affordable, easy and safe to access.

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